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Print of Original building in 1880s
Storefront 2020


Back in the 1800s, when New Braunfels was first settled, a bar was built by the name of Zum Schwarzen Wallfisch.  It was rumored that many a night you could hear the inmates of the nearby jail singing with the patrons of the saloon.  Later in the 1800s, the saloon was moved and the Herald, which was the first English newspaper of New Braunfels, was established in this location.


Much like the Herald that is still published and distributed throughout all of New Braunfels, our town's heritage still lives on through the walls of the Black Whale Pub.  It's only fitting  that in 2007 the Black Whale opened it's doors in the same location that Zum Schwarzen Wallfisch first started.  Did we mention that Zum Schwarzen Wallfisch translated to English means to the black whale?

In recent years our made to order, secret Bloody Mary recipe has become something that has put us on the map in our town as well as our unparalleled service.  As the years have gone by, we have only changed our appearance but not our service for those from near and far.  We are setting our course to be here for many years to come and hope to see you soon!



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